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Our customers are the best. We're often reminded by folks that we do a good job and how they appreciate us being here. This means the world to us, and we deeply appreciate the support. It's been brought to our attention that some would even like to do more to support our local food movement. We think this is great! We are happy to offer our own CSA - a system that connects the community's farmers and consumers within the food system. When you participate in this you're giving your local farmer direct buying power to continue sourcing local nutrient dense meat proteins. This allows us to keep a certain volume of product in our market, and guarantee these delicious goods at all times. We are a small family owned and operated farm - having extra capital in such a volatile market place is significant. Good locally sourced food isn't cheap and cheap food isn't good. Everything that's contributed to our mission is greatly appreciated.


Monthly Subscriptions - Pay as you go year-round!

All Beef CSA

Two Month Subscriptions - $290

Four Month Subscriptions - $575


Prepared specifically for the time of year, this All Beef option has everything you need every time! Ground Beef and tender Steaks are always included. Steak Tips and cuts for the smoker in the summertime - Stew Meat and Roasts for the winter. This is a great way to stay stocked up on our premium Vermont beef.

Mixed Protein CSA

Two Month Subscription - $300

Four Month Subscription - $590

If you want to know where your food comes from but haven't got the resources to raise it yourself, this is the next big thing! Our own farm raised beef accompanied by the finest locally sourced chicken and pork that we can offer. This Mixed CSA option will always contain a little bit from each of these animals - Seasonally prepared for the time of year. From Whole Chickens and Shoulder Roasts, to Wings and Chops! Always accompanied with some of legendary Ground Beef. 

$100 Box CSA

Show your support and pre-buy 1 or 100 of our $100 Boxes! These have been a big hit at our local farm market since Day 1. They are 10-12lbs of meat, and are put together at the Farmers discretion. They always include our Ground Beef and a tender Steak. This option may also include chicken or pork as well if you'd like to mix your meats up! 

CSA pick ups will be the 2nd & 4th Wednesday of every month at our farm market from 2pm-4pm or Thursday, the following day, from 12pm-5pm. CSA Members will also have first access to our fresh case on these days. Any additional purchases in the market will be discounted 5% at the time of sale for our CSA Members.

Really like one of these options?! Subscribe year round. Thank you and we appreciate your business.

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