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6th Generation Family-Owned Working Farm

Hubbard's Bald Mountain Farm is a 6th Generation working family farm that has been maintaining the same 300 acres of land for the last 140 years. What was once a dairy farm is now where we naturally raise our Black Angus cattle. At our Farmer's Market you will find 100% pure Vermont beef for sale, along with several other local products and crafts from different vendors.

We believe in humanely raised livestock, regenerative agriculture, and maintaining a locally sourced and sustainable food system. We practice our part by making sure these beliefs take place on a daily basis year round. Part of our commitment to a sustainable food network is making sure products of this manner are available and affordable to everyone in the community.


Bald Mountain Farm has been in the Hubbard family for just about a century and a half! Since the early 1880's, our family has continued to find a way to remain the stewards of this ground. Town documentation regarding farm ownership stem from early 1880's when Mrs. Sarah Tower Hubbard and husband Rodney Hubbard had received the farm as a wedding present from her parents, Mr. Henry Clay Tower and Almira Wilkinson Tower. According to family tales, Sarah's parents and grandparents used the land as grazing for sheep in the mid 1800's. Bald Mountain received it's name for the lack of trees on it's surface during the 19th century, due to the large flocks of sheep that had roamed the land. Mrs. Sarah T Hubbard was a lifelong resident and volunteer of the Rutland community; a committed member of the Women's Relief Corps, and founder of the Mother's Club in Clarendon, VT. After the passing of her husband Rodney in 1922, she remained the patriarch of the Hubbard family and farm until her death in 1951. We are very fortunate to have recovered many old photographs and documents of our farm and family that she very neatly kept during the early 1900's. Four short years after the fall of their mother, oldest brother Roy Henry Hubbard also fell ill and the farm was left in the hands of his youngest brother, Theodore Hubert Hubbard. THH and his brothers industrialized the farm and dairy operation along with many other trades such as training police dogs, a live animal exhibit, a fur business, and at one point with his brothers they farmed over 300 pigs! And of course we can't forget the VT maple sugaring, horse sleigh rides, and making hay! Theodore Hubert Hubbard lived to be 85 years old and passed in 1989. In a living trust he willed the legacy of the Hubbard families Bald Mountain Farm to oldest Grandson Theodore Roy Hubbard Jr. After changing times, the family had no choice but to get out of the dairy business. In the early 2000's, Theodore Roy Hubbard Jr and son Theodore Roy Hubbard III began to raise beef cattle. 5th and 6th generation now own over 60 head of cattle and sell over 7 tons of beef a year!


Our products can be found for sale here at our farm where we have our own Farmers Market. Operated by Theodore Roy Hubbard III and wife Desiree Hubbard. At the market you will find over 12 different cuts of our 100% natural, humanely raised beef, pork and lamb from other local farms, VT maple syrup products from 3 different local producers, and several other vendors and craft products that have all been made right here in our community. 


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